WHS where traces of occupation by Neanderthals have been found.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Atapuerca Homo neanderthalensis bones and DNA remains. (wiki)
Caves and Ice Age Art "these six caves have revealed a long record of human presence and an earlier Neanderthal presence before that" (AB ev, unspecified)
Gorham's Cave Complex OUV crit iii: "Gorham's Cave Complex provides an exceptional testimony to the occupation, cultural traditions and material culture of Neanderthal ..., rare evidence of Neanderthal exploitation of birds and marine animals for food, .... providing continuing opportunities for understanding Neanderthal life, including their capacity for abstract thinking."
Loire Valley La Roche-Cotard cave: contains the oldest known engravings by Neanderthals. Also, an artifact resembling a mask possibly created by Neanderthals was found here. (wiki)
Mount Carmel Caves OUV crit iii: "the site demonstrates the unique existence of both. Neanderthals and Early Anatomically Modern Humans (EAMH) within the same Middle Palaeolithic cultural framework, the Mousterian."
Vézère Valley Le Moustier: "known for a complete skeleton of the species Homo neanderthalensis that was discovered in 1908" (wiki)
Western Caucasus "The history of the human occupation of this region is traced back to the Early Stone Age. Archaeologists have found more than 150 Neanderthal sites" (UNEP-WCMC)


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