Meetup 2017 Gibraltar


Date: 8 and 9 September 2017, place: Gibraltar.

Focus of this year's meetup was Gibraltar, where a select group of WH Travellers got access to Gorham's Cave via a tour organized by the Gibraltar Museum. We extended it with a day tour to a WHS on another continent: Tetouan. The Spanish lands around Gibraltar also provided ample opportunities for exploring WHS such as Antequera, Alhambra and Úbeda and Baeza.


  • Fri 8 Sept:
    • Meet at the viewing platform, at the 1st and 2nd Europa Advance Battery
    • Talk and Q&A by representative of the Gibraltar Museum at the viewing platform
    • Group 1 (max 10) goes to the entrance of the Cave with guide (a five minute walk up the hill; then more arduous down the 344 steps & back – say 90 minutes)
    • Group 2 goes back to Museum for guided visit and powerpoint presentation
    • Convene for lunch at the Waterfront restaurant
  • Sat 9 Sept
    • Ferry Algeciras – Ceuta
    • 3h Guided tour in Tetouan
    • Moroccan lunch at the Blanco Riad and individual exploring time
    • Return Ferry to Algeciras

Enjoy this collection of photos taken during this meetup.


  1. Els
  2. Ian (meltwaterfalls) plus wife and daughter
  3. Hubert
  4. Martina
  5. Ivan
  6. Svein
  7. Randi
  8. Nan
  9. Philipp (kintante) and his brother
  10. Craig
  11. Lara
  12. Samuel(jasam) and Natasa
  13. Peter
  14. Iain and his wife and son