Meetup 2019 Scotland

St. Kilda

Date: late July 2019, place: Scotland.

Focus of this year's meetup is Scotland. For those who not have seen the country yet, there will be opportunities to explore it together with other WH Travellers.

St. Kilda

Part of the Scotland tour is a private boat trip to the remote WHS of St. Kilda. The itinerary for that is:

  • Wed 24 July - Arrival in Skye at own discretion.
  • Thu 25 July - This is the backup date, in case the predicted weather on Friday prohibits sailing – overnight in Skye
  • Fri 26 July - This is the main date for our boat tour to St. Kilda. We have 2 private boats - overnight in Skye
  • Sat 27 July - Departure

Read a report of the day here.

List of participants (in some way or another)):

  1. Els
  2. Clyde
  3. Hubert
  4. Martina
  5. Ivan
  6. Svein
  7. Randi
  8. Wojtek
  9. Nan
  10. Craig
  11. Philipp (kintante)
  12. Wife of Philipp
  13. Lara
  14. Jay (Colvin)
  15. Thomas
  16. Vanessa
  17. Allan
  18. Wife of Allan