WHS where lions live in the wild. The lion population has to be still present, also after the inscription of the park as a WHS. Describe sublocation where they can be found and indication of numbers.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Kenya Lake System Lake Nakuru NP: 18-22 individuals in 2017 (see link)
Mana Pools Estimate of of 67 adult and sub-adult lions (2008-2011)
Mapungubwe "Within the area of the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area (GMTFCA) there are approximately 70 free roaming lions."
Mount Kenya Lewa Wildlife Conservancy : "There are currently 44 lions acros the Lewa-Borana Landscape."
Ngorongoro "Studied almost continuously since 1963, it is the best-known, best-studied lion population in the world." and "By April 2022 there are four prides and a total of 45 lions in the Ndutu region (not including visiting groups and nomads)."(see link)
Niokolo-Koba National Park Not enough data for estimation of Lion population, but "93 observations involving 253 lion sightings were made by NKNP guides and their clients over a period of four and a half years in the central tourist area of the Park which represents about 3% of the total area of NKNP." (see link)
Okavango Delta Large numbers and they can swim. The nom file reports several hundred from an aerial survey. More background is in the link.
Selous Game Reserve "It is estimated that there are close to 1,700 to 6,900 Lions in Nyerere National Park and surrounding Selous Game Reserve."
Serengeti "Serengeti National Park forms a Lion Conservation Unit since 2005 together with Maasai Mara National Reserve.[10] More than 3,000 lions live in this ecosystem." (wiki)
Victoria Falls In Zambezi NP: rare
Virunga National Park Tree-climbing ones. Once there were 100, a few seem to have returned to the Ishasha Valley (no recent data available).
W-Arly-Pendjari Complex Pendjari NP: 70-100
iSimangaliso Wetland Park uMkhuze section: reintroduced in 2013, now there are about 16 specimens (2022)
Ç‚Khomani Cultural Landscape "A report compiled in 2015 .. estimated that the national population of lions stood at around 3,500 individuals, with approximately ... 750 in the Kgalagadi." (see link)


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