Simone Martini

Simone Martine was an Italian painter of the 14th century (c. 1284-1344).

Connected Sites

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Assisi The San Martino Chapel in the lower church of the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi features frescoes by Martini.
Avignon Martini died in Avignon, while serving the Papal Court. Some of his works – detached frescoes and their sinopia – are visible at the Palais des Papes.
San Gimignano Martini painted a polyptych for the Sant'Agostino church. The work is nowadays dispersed over three different museums.
Siena Martini was born in Siena. Several frescoes, among which his "Maestà", are in the Palazzo Pubblico.
Vatican City "According to late Renaissance art biographer Giorgio Vasari, Simone was (...) a pupil of Giotto di Bondone, with whom he went to Rome to paint at the Old St. Peter's Basilica".


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